INTERIUM - Counter-strike 1.6 Cheat


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Enable the beta version of steam_legacy in Steam if you have problems with injection (temporarily).

Counter-strike 1.6 - The legendary game that captivated millions hearts Everyone has played this game, but not everyone has been successful at it. Our product was created 2017 and became one of the best among the market. If you want to occupy top places on public pages and humiliate B-Rush servers, then buy Interium!

Product description:

INTERIUM - cheat for CS 1.6, bypassing all server anti-cheats / demo scanners / GSClient.


  • Legitbot bypasses Demochecker regardless of settings; with any values you will have 0 warns.
  • Visuals bypass OBS, Bandicam, Steam screenshot, etc. (Including chams). The cheat will not be visible on streams/recordings/screenshots.
  • Nice, customizable visuals. Everyone can customize it to their own taste. Colors, sizes, types - it's all there.
  • pSilent bypasses AimDetector / ReAimDetector / Demochecker
  • VAC2 bypass.
  • GSClient bypass.
  • Got banned from the server? You can bypass it! Use SteamID spoofer and connect to the server again


Our cheat is compatible with Windows 10/11. It supports the licensed version of the game, GSClient and some pirated versions. Add the -nofbo parameter in the game launch parameters or shortcut properties.