Interium - cheat provider

Interium is a cheat for CS 2 with many movement features. With our cheat you can feel all the delights of the game, use all the necessary functions for the gameplay.

Cheat interface

Minimalistic, practical and unique. These three words vividly reflect information about the graphic component of our cheat. We are trying to optimize the menu so that setting up a cheat is as simple and convenient as possible.

Our advantages

Since 2017 our DLC was on the software market, we are constantly developing, updating and improving our product. Among all our advantages, we can highlight:


We are one of the first movement software products on the market. Convenient design and great functionality gives us the right to declare our uniqueness.

VAC protection

Our cheat has its own VAC bypass and has never been massively detected by VAC.


With our software being superior, it is also very affordable.